Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rigging it; or making it work

Winter is pretty much over and spring is on the way here in northeast Kansas. We've already had a few of those warm days where I don't have to wear home the jacket and scarf on the bicycle I wore on the way in the morning. With the spring forward time change, I now leave when it's even darker in the morning. That's okay, it's a beautiful time to ride.

Saturday I hauled my two oldest boys around in their Burley trailer. After pedaling down a short length of extremely rough brick street, I noticed my rear rack was making a lot of noise and had become loose. The small bolt that connected the rack, and two fender struts (?) to the boss (?) by the hub had fallen out. I had to listen to the whir of the tire as it rubbed against the inside of the fender on the way home.

I searched through my big jug of nuts and bolts and found a long bolt and several size washers to reconnect those components to the bicycle frame. An easy enough fix, but very ugly and not ideal. I really need to have a service day for my bike coming up soon. It needs cleaned and lubed and maybe have the wheels trued. I also will need to adjust the brakes once I do the rest.

I expect I'll be seeing more bikes out and about as the weather improves. It's good weather for biking, get out and ride!

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  1. With the warmer weather, I've been enjoying the 2-way bike commute too. I ride a folding bike but in the winter, I sometimes take the bike home with me on the bus at the end of the day. Now that it's lighter at night and not icy, I am riding both ways most days now.


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