Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Friday, as per my goal, I rode to school. I left while it was still gray out, enough so that I felt the need to use the front and back flashing lights. Lately I've been choosing to ride on the four lane highway which enters into town near our house. Right where I enter the highway, at the intersection I mean, is the reduced speed from 50 to 40, then along the short stretch I'm traveling, the speed reduces down to 30 mph. Luckily, that stretch is not heavily used at that particular hour, and I'm traveling in the opposite direction of the heavy flow of traffic. It gets busy with all of the commuters leaving town to attend work in Kansas City in the morning and then returning home from work in the evening. But, at both times of day when traffic increases due to these commuters, I'm traveling the opposite schedule. I'm going into town in the morning, and traveling as if to leave town in the afternoon.
I feel safer taking the four lane on the bicycle. Number one, because it is four lanes, that means traffic has an entire lane to pass me. I'm able to ride out in the left third of the lane, where I believe drivers will be looking more for other vehicles. And, because vehicle drivers are traveling in the same direction as me, that is West in the morning and East in the afternoon, they are never going to be looking into sunlight when approaching me.I've found taking the main roads, the state maintained roads, to school is much faster on a bicycle, than taking the "side" roads. They are better maintained and I like the lighted intersections for my protection.
On another note, I rode my bike home last Friday amidst some tumultuous cloud action, increasing heavy winds, and much visible lightning. I wore my bright yellow reflective vest and ankle strap, I also used my front and back flashing lights. I was minutes ahead of the rain. I was a little concerned about the lightning, but I saw many, many other people out walking and mowing in it, so for some reason it made me less apprehensive.
Today I'll be riding in a tie, jacket and dress shoes. I will wear pants and a shirt too, don't worry.

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