Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Virgin Voyage

Remember when you got that new bike and you couldn't wait to get it home to take it out and ride it around on a real ride? Not a test ride when you can hardly enjoy it because the whole time you're thinking "can I afford this?" and you're worried about crashing it and being forced to buy it whether you wish to or not? Well, this blog attempt is somewhat akin to that experience. I've already test rode it and purchased it, and now I've got it home and it's on display in my driveway leaned over on its kickstand at just the right angle to make it look aggressive. I've strapped my helmet to my head and I've filled my stomach with raisin bran. I've planned out a favorite route that combines the best compromise of scenery, safety, and speed. Now it's time to take it out for a spin!

Welcome to The Midwest Bicycle Commuter. This is a blog which recounts the experiences of a middle age guy in the midwest who has made a goal to ride his bicycle to work everyday for a year. It won't be too technical, but instead will provide some perspective on commuting by bicycle in the Midwest as well as relaying a smattering of thoughts, experiences, opinions, and philosophy about it and other random topics.
In the interest of full disclosure, I will let you know up front I'm an English teacher at a high school in a small Kansas town below Kansas City and not too far from the Missouri border. I like to get that part about being a teacher out of the way, because usually it will turn off about half the audience right away. There's something about the teaching profession which makes people react with love or hate. Very seldom is there a non-reaction. People seem to either love or hate teachers.
So, this is the first day of the new blog. It's the second day of commuting to the high school for the year. I have about a fifteen minute ride to get there. The temperature is right at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it's overcast. I'll be carrying my backpack in one of my collapsible metal wire baskets. Along with pens, pencils, paper, i.d. emergency cold medicine, toothbrush, etc., I'll be carrying along a ten year old set of rain gear.
My hope is that you may be considering riding your bike to work or to run an errand and are looking for a little support and even littler entertainment from me. My goal is to provide that support and entertainment. It's seven o'clock. I had better get going.

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