Thursday, January 27, 2011

Roads almost clear

The roads have almost cleared entirely of the snow and ice. Just a few patches near my home remain sketchy, but they're likely to have melted with today's sun while I was in the classroom.

I've been reading many other bicycle commuter blogs and I have it easy compared to some of them. I know I need to wipe my bike down in order to make the most of my awesome reflective tape design job. I will likely wait until slightly warmer weather to do an overhaul on my bike: grease the bottom bracket, true the wheels, de-muck the chain (though it doesn't look too bad), new brake pads, grease/lube cables, etc.

I'm thinking the next things I need to get if I'm to continue riding in among traffic regularly like I've been doing is more reflective bands. I can see their value on my ankles, and possibly near my knees or thighs. The moving parts of my body.

Well, I guess I'm not in the writing mood today, so you all get off lucky. Get out there and put 10 or so miles on your bike this weekend!

Keep on commuting by bike!

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