Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue skies

I know all my follower (shout out to mom!) are wondering "Where's the midwest bicycle commuter guy gone? I miss his text heavy blog entries!"

Well, I'm okay. I just haven't written here for a while: close to a month. But, I'm still on track for pedaling my bicycle to school each day it's in session and I'm teaching.

I got my family out on the bikes, too. The two boys in the trailer, and my wife on her own bike. It's so good to get them out. It's an inexpensive form of entertainment, and develops strong bonds between us. I seem to never grow tired of it.

I haven't had any close calls lately. Sometime in the interim of not writing, one day, my front brake cable broke and I was fortunate I wasn't in a dangerous traffic situation. I replaced it easily once at home. I also replaced my brake pads with some "fits all" Bell from Wal-Mart. I'm not sure what I need to do with my brakes. They rub just a little bit now. I think I need to true my wheels. I need to learn to do that, and to adjust brakes. I'd like to upgrade my brakes.

Well, I apologize for the personal list feel of this blog. Once I get back into a rhythm, I'll be back blogging again. Take care, and keep on commuting by bicycle.


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