Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Like a lion

It's the fourth day of March! If you wanted to get some February riding in, well, it's just too darned late. It's the perfect time to want to get some good March riding in, though. That's the good news.

I rode to school today, of course. I was fortunate in that it snowed Sunday night and was cause for school to be cancelled yesterday. After I started today, I became slightly alarmed about my decision. There were quite a few stretches of ice still remaining on the street. I've already toppled over once due to ice and was forced to make a major repair on the bike, and didn't want to risk injury. Obviously, I made it without incident.

I'm getting anxious for the warm, sunny weather. I want to go beyond my usual commute by bike and do some recreational riding this spring and summer. I want to try an S24O (that's Sub TwentyFour hour Overnight) bike camp trip with at least one or possibly two of my sons.

I'd also like to get my wife on the bike to do a small weekend supported tour, but we'll see how things work out.

I have a surplus of bikes to sell this spring, too.

Lots of things taking place.

I hope where you are things thaw out soon. Keep commuting by bicycle!

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